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Douglas J. Shumway’s legal practice includes corporate law, securities law, technology transactions, commercial and land financing transactions, construction loans,…

Douglas J. Shumway, Esq.


Michael C. Van is an attorney licensed in the states of Utah and Nevada and is a managing partner…

Michael C. Van, Esq.


Clay A. Alger is a partner in our law firm who primarily works out of our Salt Lake City,…

Clay A. Alger, Esq.


Robert T. Spjute is a partner at our law firm. Mr. Spjute primarily focuses his efforts on the firm’s…

Robert T. Spjute, Esq.


Brent D. Huntley is partner in our law firm’s Las Vegas office. Mr. Hundley practices primarily in commercial litigation,…

Brent D. Huntley, Esq.


Cory D. Hundley joined our law firm’s Salt Lake City, Utah office in 2013. Mr. Hundley is an attorney…

Cory D. Hundley, Esq.


Travis J. Robertson is one of our law firm’s attorneys licensed to practice law in Utah and Nevada. He…

Travis J. Robertson, Esq.


Jared S. Hyde is an attorney at the firm’s St. George office. His practice focuses on real estate law, business…

Jared S. Hyde, Esq.

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frequently asked questions

Will my attorney be able to give me a good idea of how successful my case may be?

Most of the time yes; however, this is dependent on what actually happens in your case. We will continuously update you on any major changes or thoughts we have on your case and the likely outcome thereof, so that you are prepared and informed enough to allow you to make decisions on how you would like to proceed. As you might assume, as evidence in a case develops things can change a lot so our attorneys always strive to discuss the strengths  weaknesses, and possible outcomes (good and bad) throughout the case so that our clients can make good choices about how they would like to proceed.

How often should I be in contact with my lawyer and how often will he or she be in contact with me?

Anytime that you have a particular concern, we encourage you to contact our office so that we may resolve or answer any particular questions you have. However, understand that there may be a charge depending on the amount of time your inquiry requires. If our clients have multiple questions and concerns, we often recommend that they schedule an appointment to go over all of them at one time so as to be as efficient and economical as possible. In addition, we stress the importance of remembering that certain litigation processes may take a lengthy amount of time for a number of reasons. For example, the other parties can cause delays, you may want to slow progress down for financial or strategic reasons, the court may be very slow to respond, etc. Our promise to you, however, is that in the event that necessary or unexpected information needs to be relayed we will promptly contact you personally.

I am currently represented by a lawyer, but would like to seek other representation, does the fact that I am presently represented bar me from being represented by your law firm?

It is entirely appropriate to retain new legal counsel if you are dissatisfied with the service that you are receiving from your current attorney. We understand that is a difficult choice and transition to make and we will be happy to notify your previous law firm of our representation and acquire your documents, as quickly as possible.

If I am retained under a contingency basis am I still responsible for certain fees?

The answer to this question is dependent on what you agreed upon in the representation agreement. Who pays for what and how is all spelled out in our agreements and our attorneys are always willing to discuss each term in the contract and explain the ramifications of it to you so that you are never surprised.

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From extremely complex litigation and complicated transactional, regulatory and personal matters, the attorneys at Shumway Van & Hansen take care of me, my businesses, and my family. I would recommend them to anyone at anytime.

John Giambi, CEO of Big League Dreams
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